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"Visistat has become an invaluable tool for my sales team. We now are very proactive in reaching out to prospects who have researched our company on the net. This allows us to beat our competition to the punch, be the first to engage in business conversations and to stay top of mind with decision makers who are considering our products and services. It also allows us to see and analyze, in real time, our marketing efforts that drive prospects to our site and know which programs are benefiting us the most. In our ultra-competitive market and tight economy, Visistat is a great value and a must have."

Doug Cumming, Director of Sales – Palisade Systems, Inc.


"We found that Google Analytics didn’t properly track PPC terms 30-40% of the time. With Visistat, we've lowered our pay per click costs by 40% because we know for sure which terms pay and which don't."

Rick Herman, SEO/Search Term Conversion Specialist – Callisto Marketing


"VisiStat has helped Interpro Translation Solutions effectively improve our website and cater to the specific needs of our visitors. VisiStat is ultra-simple to use, and helps us monitor our visitors, how they found us, and how they navigate our site. This allows us to more accurately plan our marketing campaigns and maximize the power of our online presence."

Nick Strozza, Business Development Manager – Interpro


"What VisiStat gives us is a picture of how our marketing and sales efforts are doing. We can see, in real time, visits to our site by company name, how they got there (from the newsletter, prompted by a sales call, etc), the pages that they click on, how long they spend, and a history of past visits. Not only are we interested in knowing traffic from current and prospective clients, but we track visits by our competitors as well - that helps us gauge how nervous they are about us!"

Tom Blazer, CEO – eSite


"Generating leads is all about identifying, in real-time, when a person or company engages our website. VisiStat provides customer intelligence that enables us to better understand exactly who is engaging us, when they are on our site, and where they are spending their time. The bottom line is that VisiStat provides us with a far more robust picture of our online activity, and is much easier to use and understand compared to our previous solution (Google Analytics)."

Tim Donohue, Vice President, e-Learning Solutions – IHRDC


"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. VisiStat provides us with a statistical roadmap. In addition to showing us what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong; VisiStat helps us give our readers what they want and at the same time increase ad revenues and keep our website fresh and relevant."

Barbara Bowman, CEO – Gourmet Sleuth


"Leveraging the easy to use insights we gain from VisiStat, we were able to compete in and win more deals. The small investment we made in VisiStat more than paid for itself after the first month of use!"

David Den Boer, CEO – Column5


"VisiStat is one of those unique solutions that once you find it; you can't imagine how you functioned without it."

Ben Kalkman, CEO – Rocket Media


"I was looking for real-time data that could help us promote our website and track our results more effectively. VisiStat's real-time data and uncomplicated interface allows us to be more proactive and more efficient."

Derek Overbey, Director of Marketing – Intero Real Estate Services


"Within the first month of using VisiStat we saved $5,000 by realizing that our ad on wasn't effective!"

Intero Real Estate Services


"Everyday I'm asked hard and challenging questions. How many uniques now? How many visitors? Where are they coming from? How did they find us? How long were they here? Are they coming back? SEM, what's working, what's not? Can we see that on a map? Can you give me all of that in Excel for the 10:30 Marketing meeting?'s 10:15 now! Using VisiStat I can say, 'Yes, you can!' VisiStat brings it altogether. VisiStat gives us results right here, right now, right on."

Ralph Brenner, Chief Technology Officer – SNAPforSeniors


"I recently purchased VisiStat. I want to say that the product has saved me quite a bit of market dollars. I recently attempted to advertise on[line]. What I found was that the [ad] company stated I have something like 125 hits on my banner — VisiStat said 35. Well, I called the [ad company] on it and they were wrong, and gave me a month free. It cost me some money with VisiStat but was well worth it to not WASTE money on a marketing effort that didn't pay off. Thanks to VISISTAT. If you don't have it, get it today."

Sven Andersen – The Andersen Team


"Anyone can give you information or statistics, but showing you patterns and hotspots from all that data is where the true value is. The minute I finally signed up and installed the [VisiStat] tracking snippet into my website template (10 minutes!) the information that I got floored me. I instantly knew who was accessing my site, where they were, how much time they stayed, and which pages they viewed. Because the ISP lookup will often list a firm or organization's name, I could instantly see when my target customers were on my site, and how serious they were judging by how many pages they looked at. This actually motivated us to dramatically improve the workflow of our site, polish up some elements because we knew who was looking, and that matters!"

Jeremy Pyle, Founder – Niche Modern


"We used LiveStats, but it's clunky compared to VisiStat. I love VisiStat...and I'm not even proficient in half of it!"

Joe Pfankuch – ISO 9001 Implementation Tools

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