Lead Capture

Less than 3% of website visitors initiate contact...imagine the sales opportunities if you could identify the company name and contact information for the other 97%!

It's Nice To Meet You...
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Capture New Leads

Identify your website visitors, even if they don't initiate contact, providing you with the warmest sales leads.

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Real-time Lead Alerts

Discover which products or services your visitors are most interested in with instant email notifications.

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Lead Management

Qualify visitors based on interest and engagement with lead scoring and point-and-click CRM integration.

The Industry's Most Advanced
Sales Automation Solution
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Meet the other 97%

LeadCaster® reveals the companies visiting your website by using proprietary identification technology. Increase the amount of highly qualified leads in your pipeline without additional headcount.

  • Receive in-depth company and contact information
  • Find the warmest leads based on visitor engagement
  • Connect with prospects early in their buying cycle

Hello! My name is...

By utilizing Identities® technology, you can track visitors by their specific email address, username or any other unique identifier.

  • Segment opt-in visitors for targeted lead nurturing
  • Cookie-less view into a specific visitor's historical activity
  • Fully integrated with Hosted Forms and AdCaM®
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Score to win!

Target your warmest prospects by defining specific criteria with the most advanced, yet simple to use, Lead Scoring system.

  • Configure multiple scoring models
  • Alerts for highly qualified leads
  • Detailed lead engagement tools
The Power of LeadCaster®
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LeadCaster® uses our "best in class" IP-to-company intelligence called TWIN Caching™.
TWIN Caching™ (Translating the WAN IP Network) is a proprietary technology that goes beyond traditional IP association. With a unique ability to uncover last-mile connectivity ownership, TWIN Caching provides advanced IP-to-company resolution.
TWIN Caching serves as the network and IP protocol equivalent of the way Google caches and searches an entire copy of web content. Using our proprietary algorithms, TWIN Caching systematically caches and analyzes nearly four billion IP addresses.
TWIN Caching, combined with KickFire’s firmographic data, provides business intelligence for a wide-range of applications, such as account-based marketing, content personalization, B2B ad-targeting and more.
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Live Dashboard

  • Streaming desktop lead "ticker"
  • Management view of lead activity
  • Presentation-ready reports
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User Permissions

  • Customize access for individuals
  • View leads based on sales territory
  • Manage your own watchlists
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Lead Segmentation

  • Identify highly engaged leads
  • Search by industry, revenue
  • See past, present and future activity
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