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Website Caller-ID: Turn Anonymous Website Visitors into Qualified Leads

Website visitors are most likely interested in buying your products or services. By visiting your website, they already know who you are and what you offer.

The problem is, only 2-3% will identify themselves, which means you'll never know who the other 97% of your visitors are... until now!

And as we know, the best conversions come from quick action on warm, active leads! And converting Web traffic is where LeadCaster shines for you...


LeadCaster identifies website visitors in real time -- providing valuable contact information for a more personalized sales engagement.

Activity Alerts

Select from over a dozen different email alerts to notify you of important visitors to your website. Know in real-time when they arrive and what they are interested in!

Lead Management

LeadCaster offers a variety of tools to help manage your newly identified leads, including integration with to push leads from LeadCaster directly into

For companies that do not use Salesforce, LeadCaster has its own built-in customer relationship management (CRM) solution to help manage all of the leads generated by LeadCaster. This simple-to-use CRM enables each sales rep to schedule a follow up, manage communications and track the status of each lead from creation to close - including win/loss and value reporting!

Sales Territories

Setup custom permissions for your sales team to establish individual access so website visitor leads can be distributed by geographic location.

Data From the Cloud

VisiStat's API provides a powerful way to extract website lead information (and more) to integrate with other applications, such as CRM and CMS systems, or to build custom reports and mash-ups.

Identify Your Visitors

VisiStat's Identities technology allows you to tag and track website visitors by name, email address and more. Easy to use with your forms, email campaigns and more!


As companies that visit your website are identified, you can organize them into topic specific categories such as prospects, customers, competitors and more!

"Generating leads is all about identifying, in real-time, when a person or company engages our website. VisiStat's LeadCaster solution provides customer intelligence that enables us to better understand exactly who is engaging us, when they are on our site, and where they are spending their time." — Tim Donohue, Vice President, e-Learning Solutions – IHRDC

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