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Powerful conversion, ad and marketing tools for tracking pay per click and all your advertising VisiStat's Identities™ technology helps you identify visitors to your site through the use of a unique identifier - typically their e-mail address. Identities works for website visitors that have previously "opted in" via a variety of methods, including filling out a form or clicking on an e-mail campaign. Identities is a great way to track how existing customers and new prospects are navigating through your website, and what specific products or services they are looking for.

When used in conjunction with VisiStat's AdCaM solution, Identities provides a complete picture of how visitors are navigating through your website after they respond to an e-mail campaign, newsletter, or any other online marketing campaign. Identities also enhances VisiStat's LeadCaster solution by identifying visitors to your website by their e-mail address, providing significant customer intelligence to your sales staff, and enabling a more targeted, personalized interaction with that visitor.

VisiStat also provides a variety of reporting capabilities specifically designed to measure your "identified" traffic, enabling you to truly understand who is on your site, how they got there, what they are looking for, and how often they return.

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