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Imagine if you could get a holistic "health score" for your website on a daily basis (like your credit score), and then get recommendations for making modifications that will improve your score and therefore improve your website's effectiveness. Now you can with Pulse, the latest innovation in simplified web analytics from VisiStat.

Pulse™ is a powerful algorithm that seeks out and measures a wide variety of key performance indicators that have a critical impact on the effectiveness of your website. From basic FUNDAMENTALS elements such as meta data, to FINDABILITY factors such as search patterns, and ENGAGEMENT variables such as return visits, page views, and duration of each visit.

You can think about Pulse in the same way you think about your credit score. Your credit score gives you an idea of the relative "health" of your credit and ability to qualify for a loan. Pulse provides a similar type of score for your website's health, but then goes one step further, providing insights and recommendations to help you improve your Pulse score, and therefore improve the effectiveness of your website.

The result is your Pulse score - a quick yet comprehensive overview of your website based on powerful analytic data. Pulse is the fastest, easiest way to monitor and measure the overall health of your website!

In addition to your individual score, Pulse also ranks your website against the more than 35,000 other sites that use Pulse.

Pulse provides a critical high-level overview of your online efforts with a simple score, but bases it all on comprehensive, powerful analytic data. Pulse is the fastest, easiest way to monitor and measure the health of your website!

Pulse is FREE to all direct VisiStat customers - if you're not yet a VisiStat customer, click here to start your free trial!

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